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blow the whistle on somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblow the whistle on somebodyblow the whistle on somebodyinformalTELL to tell someone in authority about something wrong that someone is doing He blew the whistle on his colleagues. whistle-blower blow
Examples from the Corpus
blow the whistle on somebodySo, why not blow the whistle on a thoroughly corrupt system sooner?With great courage, Vasseur has blown the whistle on an unacceptable situation.The report will question why medical staff working with him did not blow the whistle on his activities.Not withstanding that risk, under the Constitution, the judiciary is in the best position to blow the whistle on runaway majorities.A few honest policemen were willing to blow the whistle on the captain.There were even rebelliously honest policemen, who might blow the whistle on the dishonest ones.He claims the two are separate enough that he was in the clear to blow the whistle on the Rialto Theater project.Anyone who tried to blow the whistle on the violence was intimidated or threatened.Staff members have little interest in blowing the whistle on this situation.
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