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blow your nose

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblow your noseblow your noseHBHto clean your nose by forcing air through it into a cloth or a piece of soft paper blow
Examples from the Corpus
blow your noseHere's a Kleenex - blow your nose.I had a terrible cold and spent much of the time blowing my nose.She took out a handkerchief and pressed it against her eyes, then blew her nose.Stu was worried that he was responsible for me needing Kleenex, blowing my nose.With great discretion, the overcoats in the front pews blew their noses.With soil-caked fingers he drew a handkerchief from a pocket and blew his nose.She blew her nose as daintily as was possible in the circumstances and handed the handkerchief back with a wan smile.For a moment Converse thought that she would blow her nose on him.Either way, if you blow your nose, you may well miss it altogether.
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