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blow your top/stack/cool

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblow your top/stack/coolblow your top/stack/cool (also blow a fuse/gasket) informalANGRY to become extremely angry quickly or suddenly One day, I just blew my top and hit him. blow
Examples from the Corpus
blow your top/stack/coolIt was unusual for Hauser to blow his top.Striker Slaven blew his top after being axed from the side which grabbed a draw at Bristol City in midweek.I used to get so angry on the set that one day I just blew my top and hit John Huston.It had me rolling on the floor to see Schmeichel blowing his top at the scum defence.Tristan last blew its stack in 1961, forcing a complete evacuation.Then Nature blows her top, just to remind us.My father blew his top when I told him I was quitting medical school.Then suddenly he blew his top while walking down the street one day.Whether the Ipswich directors who watched him blow his top with the unwitting journalist believe that is debatable.
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