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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblowtorchblow‧torch /ˈbləʊtɔːtʃ $ ˈbloʊtɔːrtʃ/ noun [countable]  blowtorch.jpg TBa piece of equipment that produces a small very hot flame, used especially for removing paint syn blowlamp British English
Examples from the Corpus
blowtorchA spark occurred and the inside of the capsule turned into a blowtorch.An alternative is a blowtorch connected by a hose to a cylinder of gas.A flame roared under a black bucket, clean blue like a blowtorch clinging to one side.Oh this town, with its harbor glinting like a blowtorch at the end of every alley..But that lone bad habit burns through your writing like a blowtorch, outshining all the others.The pyre was ablaze, ignited by a giant gas-fuelled blowtorch.If he wanted her back, Antheil would offer to preserve her from the blowtorch.Enter the local media; exit the welder with the blowtorch.
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