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blue jeans

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blue jeansˈblue jeans noun [plural] American English  DCCblue trousers made in a heavy material syn jeans
Examples from the Corpus
blue jeansWith his blond hair and blue eyes, Spelling plays a Valley dude who wears a tank top and blue jeans.The faded blue jeans she wore that morning, her old tennis shoes, her white cotton sweater.Young and slim, dressed in blue jeans and denim jacket, the man worked the Dancing Fly.Brown hair, àla Beatles, blue anorak, tatty blue jeans and guitar.A checked lumberjack-style shirt and tight blue jeans.The head of a smart high-street men's shop attempted to tell me why corduroys are superior to blue jeans.Seven months earlier my friend could be seen on campus wearing blue jeans and a shirt that said dumb things.Barbara Ann wore blue jeans and an embroidered blue shirt.
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