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blue ribbon

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblue ribbonˌblue ˈribbon (also blue riband /ˌbluː ˈrɪbənd/ British English) noun [countable]  DLHthe first prize in a competition, sometimes consisting of a small piece of blue materialblue ribbon (also blue riband British English) adjective [only before noun] the club’s prized blue riband award
Examples from the Corpus
blue ribbonThe Longitude Act established a blue ribbon panel of judges that became known as the Board of Longitude.A cot swathed in draperies and blue ribbon stood isolated in a corner.A large jug and basin, charmingly ornamented with a design of blue ribbon, was its centre-piece.There were two large bouquets and a bundle of letters tied with pale blue ribbon, presumably from stage-door admirers.Christine had friends in the Working Groups, and Tim wore the blue ribbon.
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