2 noun
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1 [uncountable and countable]CC the colour of the sky or the sea on a fine day:
She nearly always dresses in blue.
the rich greens and blues of the tapestry


[uncountable] also the bluesAPM a slow sad style of music that came from the southern US:
a blues singer
rhythm and blues

the blues

[plural] informal feelings of sadness:
A lot of women get the blues after the baby is born.

out of the blue

informal if something happens out of the blue, it is very unexpected

➔ a bolt from/out of the blue

at bolt1 (3)
5 [countable]


British EnglishSEC someone who has represented Oxford or Cambridge University at a sport, or the title given to such a person

the blue

literaryDN the sea or the sky

➔ boys in blue

at boy1 (9)

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