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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbluesyblue‧sy /ˈbluːzi/ adjective  bluesy music is slow and sad, like blues
Examples from the Corpus
bluesyThe mix of strong bluesy ballads and a few rock numbers combine to present an original album.On his current album he turns his back on those signatures for a more live, bluesy feeling.The round, muted bluesy guitar is solid and unassuming until it explodes into a dizzying solo.The words were bluesy in tone and subject matter, but the rhythms and voices were fresh and new.My Dad was a kinda bluesy player and so I liked that.a bluesy rhythmFor the bluesy sound that you are after, an old Marshall 50 with a 4x12 would be the definite answer.His playing carried the Dixieland flavor, but he was a highly respected musician who added bluesy vocals to his work.She was a confident rocker with a bluesy voice and loved to sing, loved the sensation of being possessed.
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