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blunt instrument

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblunt instrumentblunt instrumenta) a heavy object that is used to hit someone The victim suffered a blow to the head from a blunt instrument. b) a method of doing something that does not work very well because it has a lot of other effects that you do not want The exams are a blunt instrument that will reveal little about children’s abilities. blunt
Examples from the Corpus
blunt instrumentAfter a while they kidnap and murder a young boy for kicks, bashing him over the head with a blunt instrument.All the injuries were consistent with an enraged and merciless attack with a blunt instrument.She looked around for a blunt instrument.The cause of death had been the terrible bludgeoning he had received from a blunt instrument.This is a very blunt instrument.While the men exchanged blows the girl struck Farini from behind with a blunt instrument.The blunt instrument obstinately refused to reveal itself and he doubted if there were any more revelations to be got out of anybody.I sometimes think a blunt instrument would do some good for her.
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