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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblurbblurb /blɜːb $ blɜːrb/ noun [countable]  INFORMATIONa short description giving information about a book, new product etc
Examples from the Corpus
blurbComplex measures can not readily be turned into simply stated, understandable ballot blurbs.Nature is a kind of poetry for him; an Ecosphere is a book jacket blurb about the real thing.According to the official blurb, it means more consistent and comfortable shifting with improved performance and fuel economy.The Arizona Daily Star carried one short blurb in the back pages, but that was it.As for the blurb, do not read it.The aim, says the blurb, is to develop other publishing and ancestor-tracing businesses.I scanned the xeroxed blurbs and reviews.
From Longman Business Dictionaryblurbblurb /blɜːbblɜːrb/ noun [countable usually singular] informal MARKETINGa short piece of writing describing and advertising a book, film, or a new productThe blurb for her latest book describes her as ‘one of Britain’s best-loved art critics’.
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