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blusherblush‧er /ˈblʌʃə $ -ər/ (also blush American English) noun [uncountable]  DCBcream or powder used for making your cheeks look red or pink
Examples from the Corpus
blusherBright blusher looks far too blatant in summer, so avoid it like the beach on a bank holiday.She highlighted Juliana's cheekbones with a pinky brown blusher and added a hint of warm tawny colour to her lips.She'd never seen such a champion blusher.Apply cream blusher in a soft terracotta shade, or powder first, then apply a powder blusher in glowing earthy tone.Keep blusher soft and very gentle.For a natural glow to your skin mix a subtle shade of blusher with loose powder.Blend away any creases in your make-up and gently apply the new eyeshadow, highlighter and pencil, the blusher and lipstick.
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