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boardwalkboard‧walk /ˈbɔːdwɔːk $ ˈbɔːrdwɒːk/ noun [countable]  American EnglishDLODLT a raised path made of wood, usually built next to the sea
Examples from the Corpus
boardwalkPupils are creating a nature trail, a boardwalk alongside a pond and writing an information leaflet.As a woman, I would not walk a boardwalk at night by myself.It was an almost empty theatre in Long Beach, Long Island, a tourist spot with a boardwalk and beautiful beaches.Another option being considered is building a makeshift boardwalk with large wooden mats plunked down atop the muck.At about high noon we arrived at Coney Island and approached the boardwalk.Back on the boardwalk, the guy on the bike stops in front of us.New beachfront hotels are going up, and the pavilion on the boardwalk is being rebuilt.While Sapan found the petrol we strolled the boardwalk where ladies sold shells and coral jewellery.
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