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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbodebode /bəʊd $ boʊd/ verb  1 x-refthe past tense of bide2 bode well/ill (for somebody/something)
Examples from the Corpus
bodeIt never bodes good when she looks like that; she's using the girl as a stalking horse.For a couple to be arguing so early in their relationship did not bode well for the future.Unsurprisingly, refugees often fell into a torpid dependency, which did not bode well for the future.Yet, conservation biologists have begun to wonder if these long-hoped-for changes bode well for the land.Even if they are fictional characters, it doesn't bode well for the poor things.Those numbers bode well for the Raiders.The evening had, on reflection, never boded well.Word on the street is that Sub Pop refused the new Friends' second album, which may not bode well.
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