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body and soul

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbody and soulbody and soula) COMPLETELYcompletely She threw herself body and soul into her work. b) the whole of a person They think they own the employees, body and soul. body
Examples from the Corpus
body and soulThe materials do include assertions about the constitution of humans and do make a distinction between body and soul.Yet there was, in Orphism, a distinction between body and soul.By extension, bodies and souls can exist independently since they are different sorts of entities.He'd have wished to own her, body and soul, to possess her.She devoted herself body and soul to the fight for women's rights.She'd finally realised that what she needed was to commit mind, body and soul into something challenging and exciting.Thus far Plato and Aristotle attribute similar statements to the Orphics: body and soul are separable.It lasted only one and a half hours but it satisfied body and soul.But now there is a new battle for the body and soul of Rolls-Royce.It makes your body and soul feel better.
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