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body clock

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body clockˈbody clock noun [countable]  HBHthe system in your body that controls types of behaviour that happen at regular times, such as sleeping or eating syn biological clock
Examples from the Corpus
body clockThe need for time-cues to produce a body clock with a stable 24-hour period has already been described.This theory also implies that the internal body clock takes up to five years to develop fully.Is it a function of our body clock or our life-style, or due to some interaction between the two?Clearly, a rhythm in food intake might be able to adjust the body clock via several mechanisms.In all cases, the effect of the body clock is being accentuated by our life-style, generally by means of the hormone adrenalin.This result might indicate that the body clock is slow to mature in premature babies.Those few studies that have been carried out in free-running experiments suggest that the body clock might run slightly faster.Adjusting your body clock Sometimes we want to change the timing of our life-style.
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