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body of water

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbody of waterbody of waterDNa large area of water such as a lake The city was built near a large body of water. body
Examples from the Corpus
body of waterIn other countries smaller dam projects have created bodies of water in which mosquitoes thrive.Their tadpoles can exploit bodies of water not excessively populated with competitors, and some are adapted to very restricted niches.The great body of water remains at a uniform 5.6 o C throughout the winter, which prevents the formation of ice.But he and some other scientists speculate that microbes may once have dwelled in Martian bodies of water.Is the yard close to a stream, waterway or other body of water?All the eye can see are evergreens, a placid body of water and the occasional loon.They can only be exerted within the body of water so the outermost molecules are drawn inwards away from the surface.
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