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bodyworkbod‧y‧work /ˈbɒdiwɜːk $ ˈbɑːdiwɜːrk/ noun [uncountable]  TTCthe metal frame of a vehicle, not including the engine, wheels etc The bodywork’s beginning to rust.
Examples from the Corpus
bodyworkIt hurtled on, shedding wheels and bodywork as it almost turned turtle.It is a conveyance of dreams: chrome, tail fins, pale blue bodywork.After all the mechanics were finished it was down to the chassis, bodywork and interior.All-enclosing bodywork will give it a futuristic look to contrast with the retro-styled roadster and cafe racer.I know a garage that does good bodywork.It can be fitted to a jeep or truck without extensive modifications to the chassis or bodywork.Revised bodywork and a bigger 17-litre fuel tank complete the picture.Left alone with the car, Tod ran his fingers along the bodywork.The paint is equally eye-catching-though not much of the bodywork is still visible under all that hair.
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