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BoerBoer /bɔː, bʊə $ bɔːr, bʊr/ noun [countable]  SANa white South African whose family is related to the Dutch people who settled in South Africa in the 1600sAfrikaner
Examples from the Corpus
BoerI was comforted when Matata showed me a Boer war rifle wrapped in rags in the bottom of the canoe.I missed Matata's sixth sense and the Boer war rifle.This was the one international issue between the Boer War and 1914 which mobilized large public demonstrations.Once again, however, it took the fears engendered by the Boer War to arouse widespread interest in the issue.She was converted to pacifism by the Quaker Hilda Clark, while at university during the Boer war.Small wonder that, by the time of the Boer War, the pacifists felt like a small and beleaguered minority.
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