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boiler room

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishboiler roomˈboiler room noun [countable]  1 a room in a large building where the building’s boiler is2 American English informal a room or office where people sell shares or services on the telephone, using unfair and sometimes dishonest methods
Examples from the Corpus
boiler roomThere were in addition downstairs a boiler room with a bed in it, a bathroom and kitchen.The books fell to the basement boiler room, where they were recovered by the thief.It was cold because something had gone wrong down in the castle's boiler room.The school's boiler room was a den of mine.I had been alone in the boiler room.There were half a dozen in the boiler room, he discovered, so take three.You put her dress and the necklace in the boiler room.Agents say they met on numerous occasions with Earp in his office in the boiler room.
From Longman Business Dictionaryboiler roomˈboiler room (also boiler shop) noun [countable] FINANCE an organization selling investments by telephone using unfair and sometimes dishonest methods
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