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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishboilerplateboil‧er‧plate /ˈbɔɪləpleɪt $ -ər-/ noun [countable, uncountable] American English  a standard piece of writing or a design for something that can be easily used each time you need it, for example in business or legal documentstemplate a boilerplate for a fax message lawyers selling boilerplate wills
Examples from the Corpus
boilerplateA boilerplate is a sentence, paragraph, or entire section of text that is used in many different documents.But boilerplate actually refers to any sequence of keystrokes that is repeated frequently.Even the best word processor may forget what text is stored in each boilerplate macro.Precedent 3 is intentionally a minimalist document, which contains little boilerplate, and little by way of exclusion clauses.Other than the quaint little town waiting to get buried, what boilerplate ingredients do we have?
From Longman Business Dictionaryboilerplateboil‧er‧plate /ˈbɔɪləˌpleɪt-lər-/ noun [countable] LAW an agreement, contract etc with standard wordingAnother piece of boilerplate that it is probably useful to include is one relating to confidentiality.boilerplate contract terms that can be transferred from scheme to scheme to cut costs
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