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BolshevikBol‧she‧vik /ˈbɒlʃəvɪk $ ˈboʊl-/ noun [countable]  1 PPGsomeone who supported the communist party at the time of the Russian Revolution in 19172 PPG old-fashioned an insulting way of talking about a Communist or someone who has strong left-wing opinionsbolshevik adjective
Examples from the Corpus
BolshevikA new Central Committee was elected and the Bolshevik faction became a fully-fledged independent party.The consistently revolutionary wing of Social Democracy, the Bolsheviks, became the authentic vanguard of the proletariat.In 1909 Lenin succeeded in having Bogdanov expelled from the Bolshevik faction.Until the late summer the Bolsheviks were outnumbered by moderate socialists in most popular forums.The only positive line of local-central political communication was the Bolshevik Party network.The Bolsheviks, on the insistent urging of Lenin, moved with caution in relation to nationalisation during this period.It was one of those Bolshevik instruments of nation-wide control which will be studied in the next chapter.
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