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bolt of lightning

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbolt of lightningbolt of lightningDNlightning that appears as a white line in the sky There’s not much left of his house after it was struck by a bolt of lightning. thunderbolt bolt
Examples from the Corpus
bolt of lightningAtop a mountain he slew his daughter, then was im-mediately struck dead by a bolt of lightning.But then he also once dodged a bolt of lightning.It was like a bolt of lightning knocked me out of bed and threw me to the floor.Her thoughts crystallised with the suddenness of a bolt of lightning.A bolt of lightning ripped it open, and the light was followed closely by a deep rumble of thunder.Another bolt of lightning struck behind him, and Eugene felt the air seared into ozone on either side of him.A few bolts of lightning and clouds of smoke later, Turbo was born!
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