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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbombedbombed /bɒmd $ bɑːmd/ adjective [not before noun]  informalMIDRUNK very drunk or affected by illegal drugs syn stoned I feel like going out and getting completely bombed.
Examples from the Corpus
bombedPeople in this town starved, several buildings were bombed and crime soared because you had to steal to eat.She will fight bravely for a while, then be bombed and strafed and ruined.Then further enemy aircraft arrived and bombed and strafed the patrol for several hours.Lower down the post-war rectory replaced bombed buildings in Paradise.More often, the Provisionals intimidated the owners of bombed buildings into sharing with them part of the compensation.It was already being alleged that speculation in bombed cities was going on.My dad used to get bombed every night.The recession is not going to go away overnight, especially in the most bombed out sectors such as construction and property.It was greatly taken amiss that they were not to be seen in the bombed vicinities.
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