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bombingbomb‧ing /ˈbɒmɪŋ $ ˈbɑːm-/ ●●○ noun [countable, uncountable]  PMWthe use of bombs to attack a place The southwest of the country suffered an intensive bombing campaign. They were planning bombing raids in some of America’s major cities. a terrorist network responsible for a wave of bombings in Parisbombing of the bombing of Hiroshima
Examples from the Corpus
bombingApart from the low altitude bombing, the mission was considered routine.The first bombing was at Bianconese, very near Fontevivo, and it took place at the end of September 1943.Last night's bombing had caught her unawares in the West End.And the bombing continues as we go to press.Four other sources provided documents and information, mainly about warnings received before the bombing.The bombing lasted for two nights.The area was deserted and still devastated from the wartime bombing and seemed an ideal starting point.We in Fontanellato were not afraid because we thought that apart from houses and farms we had nothing worth bombing.bombing ofthe bombing of Belgrade
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