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bona fide

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbona fidebo‧na fi‧de /ˌbəʊnə ˈfaɪdi $ ˈbəʊnə faɪd/ adjective  REAL/NOT FALSE OR ARTIFICIALreal, true, and not intended to deceive anyone Only bona fide members are allowed to use the club pool.
Examples from the Corpus
bona fideBut during this season, which has failed to turn up one bona fide breakaway hit, it seems harder than ever.a bona fide job offer
From Longman Business Dictionarybona fidebo‧na fi‧de /ˈbəʊnə ˌfaɪdiˈboʊnə faɪd/ adjective formalLAW real, true, and not intended to deceivea bona fide commercial transactiona bona fide charity
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