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bondholderbond‧hold‧er /ˈbɒndˌhəʊldə $ ˈbɑːndˌhoʊldər/ noun [countable]  BFS technical someone who owns government or industrial bonds
Examples from the Corpus
bondholderEurosterling bondholders tend to prefer protective covenants that prevent a deterioration in credit quality, whereas eurodollar bondholders prefer the put-at-par option.This left the mortgage bondholder holding cash.Auditors some-times miss big potential problems that blow up in the face of bondholders.The playing bondholders were also asked to pay the new extra, voluntary subscription and non-players had to forego their meagre interest.It is widely expected that bondholders will then be asked to convert some of their holdings into a new convertible preference share.The bondholders elected their committee representatives, i.e. eight bondholders to the Club's four ordinary members.Preferred dividends are deducted because, unlike interest paid to bondholders, they are not a tax-deductible expense of doing business.It is a curious turn around from the days when bondholders pleased to be bought out and were driving to drawing lots!
From Longman Business Dictionarybondholderbond‧hold‧er /ˈbɒndˌhəʊldəˈbɑːndˌhoʊldər/ noun [countable]FINANCE a person or organization that owns bondsThe company can seek bankruptcy court approval for a reorganization plan if it receives approval from at least half of the bondholders junior bondholder senior bondholder
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