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bone marrow

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bone marrowˈbone ˌmarrow noun [uncountable]  HBHthe soft substance in the hollow centre of bones syn marrow a bone marrow transplant
Examples from the Corpus
bone marrowAn international search for a bone marrow donor led to Janet Pope, a doctor's receptionist from Princes Risborough.Chemotherapy worked on cancer but was destroying her bone marrow, so treatment had to be altered.Other potential side effects of colchicine include bone marrow depression, hepatotoxicity, alopecia, neurologic disturbances, and renal damage.My bone marrow was harvested a couple of weeks ago and the whole thing was a piece of cake.Her mentor, Jim Teyechea, pushed Nogales' plight into the national spotlight, before he died of bone marrow cancer.The treatment was first tested in patients who received transplants of bone marrow.A search for a suitable bone marrow or umbilical cord donor for Garrett is under way.The generation of blood cells takes place primarily in the bone marrow and spleen.
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