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bonemealbone‧meal, bone meal /ˈbəʊnmiːl $ ˈboʊn-/ noun [uncountable]  HBPDLGa substance used to feed plants that is made of crushed bones
Examples from the Corpus
bonemealI recently began the slow change to organic gardening, following Geoff Hamilton's advice and using blood, fish and bonemeal.There was the smell of fermenting has and citrus blossoms and ginger lilies and bonemeal and sulphur-coated urea.The beef involved came from locally reared cattle that were fed meat and bonemeal derived from cattle and sheep remains.Prepare the ground with leaf-mould and a little bonemeal, and mulch with leaf-mould during a wet spell each summer.Fork garden compost or manure into the bottom and sprinkle a handful of bonemeal to each metre.Alternatively you can use a handful of bonemeal or hoof and horn mixed with the soil.Dig the site before planting out in May, remove weeds and add a scattering of bonemeal.If you go fertilizing with unsterilized bonemeal, for instance, hold your breath; the stuff can be crawling with anthrax germs.
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