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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbonnybon‧ny /ˈbɒni $ ˈbɑːni/ adjective British English  BEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKINGpretty and healthy a bonny baby
Examples from the Corpus
bonnyI must say, love, you're looking very bonny!Their love grew stronger by the day and then Maisie was born, a healthy, bonny baby.The arrival of this bonny bawling boy had caused considerable consternation.The cat wasn't the bonny creature it had been when Rose had first given it to him.Or as a bonny nine-year-old, celebrating her first Christmas at Watton ... with only five years of life left to her.And did you ever see such a bonny piece?Mrs Addison was a bonny woman with a mass of dark hair which she wore in a coil.Photographs indicate that she was a bonny young lass likely to stir the emotions of any number of local young men.
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