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bonybon‧y /ˈbəʊni $ ˈboʊ-/ adjective  1 THIN PERSONsomeone or part of their body that is bony is very thin She had a bony intelligent face. He was tall and bony.2 DFbony meat or fish contains a lot of small bones3 HBAa part of an animal that is bony consists mostly of bone
Examples from the Corpus
bonyThe trigger, which gives the fish its name, is the leading ray of its dorsal fin which has become bony.I shook hands with her, startled how bony and warm her hand felt in mine.When I picked up the cat it felt as bony as a skeleton.Kinsit, a naturally small woman with a thin, bony face, found gaining weight difficult.Now that she was older, Jean's bony fingers and wrists were too small for her jewelry.bony fingersIn the center, a woman I had never seen before began stroking a deck of cards with bony hands.Something gurgled in Ma Katz's throat, and the dead woman collapsed in a bony heap.She was frail and bony, her hands looking as clumsy as gardening gloves on her narrow wrists.Five or six sparrows instantly alighted on my arms and head, gripping my skin with their bony little claws.The fused, bony plates that protect their soft parts make them well-nigh invulnerable.The organ most at risk is the brain, being enclosed within a rigid bony shell.
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