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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbookletbook‧let /ˈbʊklɪt/ ●○○ noun [countable]  TCNa very short book that usually contains information on one particular subjectleaflet a free booklet on drug abuseTHESAURUSbooklet a very short book with paper covers that usually contains information on one particular subjecta free booklet on drug abuseHave you read the information booklet?brochure a thin book with paper covers that gives information on something you may want to buy or advertises somethingglossy holiday brochuresThe hotel was nothing like it said it would be in the brochure.The brochure shows you all the different types of washing machine. leaflet a small book or piece of paper, often only one or two folded pages, that advertises something or gives information on a particular subjecta leaflet about library servicesThey were handing out leaflets for the Socialist Party.pamphlet a very thin book with paper covers, in which someone writes about their opinions about something, or gives information about somethinga political pamphletPaine wrote a pamphlet about slavery.The pamphlet tells you all you need to know about growing cactuses.prospectus especially British English a thin paper book that advertises and gives information about a school, college, new business etcI asked them to send me the college prospectus.flyer a small sheet of paper advertising somethingPeople were giving out flyers advertising the fair.tract a thin short book, especially about a moral or religious subject – a rather formal useTwo women were handing out religious tracts.
Examples from the Corpus
bookletIt is a booklet of practical ideas from lecturers and trainers and aims to encourage trainees to develop their personal effectiveness.The project has produced a booklet based on research in selected London boroughs and other areas of the country.The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is publishing a booklet with interviews with the artist.a booklet on AIDSInformation booklet on your chosen resort, including a guide to the principal places of interest.This authority also often gave details absent from others' booklets.With most airlines, the booklets contain four coupons, each good for a one-way flight.The booklet notes by Jan Smaczny are informative.These booklets and associated worksheets were used in conjunction with class visits where the librarian gave an introduction to the library.
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