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border/military/customs/police post

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishborder/military/customs/police postborder/military/customs/police posta place, especially one on a border, where soldiers or police are guarding, checking etc something post
Examples from the Corpus
border/military/customs/police postWhen she first arrived, she had thought the place as orderly as a military post.Deng was made senior deputy premier and soon added party and military posts.This commemorates the creation in 1829 of a political and military post to govern the islands.Administrative offices and on-campus police posts were damaged by stones and petrol bombs in three Tunis University faculties.But yesterday at the Hendaye border post, near Bayonne, lorries were passing freely without any form of control.However, he formally accepted the appointment on April 7 after resigning his military posts.In reality guerrilla action was largely indiscriminate with sporadic attacks on the occasional landlord, local official, or police post.The border post formalities are quickly completed.
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