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borderlandbor‧der‧land /ˈbɔːdəlænd $ ˈbɔːrdər-/ noun [countable]  1 SGthe land near the border between two countries2 SHAREthe borderland between two qualities is an unclear area that contains features of both of them
Examples from the Corpus
borderlandThe terror has come to the desert of southern Arizona, along with a few pockets of the Texas borderlands.The Civil War had been fought in the main in the borderlands, precisely where the national question was at its most urgent.The priority was to neutralize the borderlands against the Whites and foreign intervention, to ensure the military security of the Republic.Intensification of cold allowed the arctic flora and fauna to spread southward; amelioration encouraged repossession of the borderlands by temperate species.Instead, nationalist argument and continual bickering between nation-states played on the fears and worries of the borderlands.The borderland between gentlemen and others occurred in the region below £20 a year.The painter Cristina C rdenas has used art to raise up a man who in these borderlands is officially hunted and despised.All princes had to face the problems posed by distant and turbulent borderlands.
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