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boroughbo‧rough /ˈbʌrə $ -roʊ/ noun [countable]  SGTOWNa town, or part of a large city, that is responsible for managing its own schools, hospitals, roads etc the borough of Queens in New York City Lambeth Borough Council
Examples from the Corpus
boroughCroydon is indeed a borough fortunate in its parliamentary representation.The dreams of nineteenth-century poets polluted the psychic atmosphere of the great boroughs and suburbs of New York.Bimpson recognised a business opportunity when he discovered that the government had secured domain names for all the schools in his borough.A spokesman for the borough engineer's department said the matter would be looked into.Furthermore, a temporary local heroin drought was created in the borough.I walk the boundaries of the borough every day and I have dowsed these lines many times.the borough of Brooklyn in New York CityMany of those boroughs also have the worst housing, longest waiting lists and highest poverty levels of the country.
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