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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbossyboss‧y /ˈbɒsi $ ˈbɒːsi/ ●●○ adjective (comparative bossier, superlative bossiest)  1 TELL/ORDER somebody TO DO somethingalways telling other people what to do, in a way that is annoying her loud bossy sister2 bossy-bootsbossily adverbbossiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
bossyKevin's mother is really bossy.The face itself, middle-aged, was fleshy, healthy, bossy.She was a difficult woman for anyone even to like, bossy and hard, with a one-way view, and spiteful.She found Molly to be bossy and interfering.Your young daughter's bossy attitude in later life may be channelled into quite acceptable leadership qualities.That bossy controlling outlook also extends to friendships.A bossy, fussy girl with only a few friends, she frustrated and alienated even the people who loved her most.Durf was loving every minute of his brisk, bossy monologue.They became bossy, uncooperative, and hostile in their efforts to ward off depression."You can't wear that hat, " said Monica in her usual bossy voice.
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