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bother it/them etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbother it/them etcbother it/them etcANNOY British English spoken old-fashioned used to express a sudden feeling of annoyance about something Oh bother it! The thread’s broken again! bother
Examples from the Corpus
bother it/them etcHelp the girls you love learn to deal with the emotions that frighten or bother them.If not, he added, why bother it?The fact that outsiders find them contradictory and paradoxical does not bother them a bit.Each situation is then rated on a five point scale according to whether it just bothers them a little or makes them really angry.The goats grew nice and fat, and the troll never bothered them again.Cold, as a rule, doesn't bother them but they will not tolerate prolonged wetness, particularly during the winter.But she always hurried on, not to bother them, not to get in their way.But nobody bothered them when they returned to the white salon.
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