2 noun
1 [uncountable] especially British English trouble or difficulty that has been caused by small problems and that usually only continues for a short time [= trouble]:
It's an old car, but it's never caused me any bother.
bother with
Joe's been having a bit of bother with his back again.
'Thanks for your help.' ' It was no bother (=used to emphasize that you were happy to help someone) at all.'
My mother hardly ever went to the bother of (=the effort of) making cakes.
Are you sure the station is on your way? I don't want to give you any extra bother.
I should have phoned the shop first and saved myself the bother of going there.
something is more bother than it's worth (=it is too difficult to be worth doing)

a bother

especially British English a person or job that slightly annoys you by causing trouble or problems:
I hate to be a bother, but could you show me how the copier works?

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