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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbotheredboth‧ered /ˈbɒðəd $ ˈbɑːðərd/ adjective [not before noun]  1 worried or upsetbothered about He doesn’t seem too bothered about the things that are written about him in the papers.bothered that No one else seemed bothered that Grandfather wasn’t there.see thesaurus at worried2 not bothered hot and bothered at hot1(11)
Examples from the Corpus
botheredI can see you're not happy at the moment, all restless and. bothered.When a man as attractive as Crilly makes an attempt to leave the circle, the girls get bothered.After one hundred days of world peace, all surviving were to put it mildly, a little bothered and regretful.She had got herself all hot and bothered and she felt much safer in the water than she had in the barn.Nobody seemed bothered that Grandpa wasn't there.Luckily she appeared so insignificant with all the bags that no one bothered to give her a second glance.If it is Narouz, and the Khedive is bothered, we can tell Narouz to get out of the country quick.bothered thatNo one really bothered that I didn't get any letters or visits.The adults are mostly just comic fodder, slow on the draw and endlessly bothered that Patti only dresses in black.They never bothered that we were just spectating-we were driving a bright red Carrera 911 with a great exhaust note!Are you bothered that your theatre work is often forgotten?