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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbothersomeboth‧er‧some /ˈbɒðəsəm $ ˈbɑːðər-/ adjective  ANNOYslightly annoying
Examples from the Corpus
bothersomeI played with this the entire season and it was bothersome.Inflation, around 12%, is lowish but bothersome.His 44 minutes came a night after playing 38 with a bothersome back injury at San Antonio.It was bothersome, but not excruciating.a bothersome delaybothersome insectsThey had laundry lists of rules they found to be bothersome, irrational or duplicative.None of this costs much money; all of it buys off, quite cheaply, some bothersome liberal constituencies.The older medicines often cause serious and bothersome side effects such as shaking, rigidity and lethargy.Sure, sometimes it may be bothersome to individuals...
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