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bottled water/beer etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbottled water/beer etcbottled water/beer etcDFDwater, beer etc that is sold in a bottle bottled
Examples from the Corpus
bottled water/beer etcEnjoy with your Tandoori special fine wines, draught or bottled beer.Wide range of wines, whiskies and continental bottled beers.Others chat about the supposed late-night spotting of a large rat dragging a six-pack of bottled water across the warehouse floor.But if you are having difficulties, I suggest you drink only bottled water and avoid salads.It was supposed to be bottled water, but Converse knew for a fact that the porter filled it from the tap.Hasn't anyone told Mrs Thatcher that bottled water can cost a thousand times as much as water from the tap?Only drink bottled water - check the seal hasn't been broken - and use it to clean your teeth.People are paying more for bottled water than they are for gasoline.
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