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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbottom-upˌbottom-ˈup adjective  POSSIBLEa bottom-up plan is one in which you decide on practical details before thinking about general principles opp top-down
Examples from the Corpus
bottom-upThis is not to say that there was no top-down activity or that all bottom-up activity will produce meaningful infrastructure.The better approach is a combination of the top-down and the bottom-up approach.Strong, bottom-up commitment is the support pillar for all the rest.It is paralleled by a sharing of what I have called the bottom-up dreams of the businesses themselves.Massive bottom-up infrastructure sprouted all over the world in bits and pieces, proliferated, and a new paradigm was created.The most prominent of these lessons is that bottom-up infrastructure succeeds and sometimes even spectacularly.They point out that bottom-up statistical methods are efficient from a computational point of view, but exhibit poor error correcting capabilities.
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