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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbottomlessbot‧tom‧less /ˈbɒtəmləs $ ˈbɑː-/ adjective  1 DEEPa bottomless hole, sea etc is one that is extremely deep There was a rope dangling down into a dark bottomless hole.2 CONTINUOUSseeming to have no end or limit the bottomless well of information available through the Internet The government does not have a bottomless pit (=a supply with no limits) of money to spend on public services.
Examples from the Corpus
bottomlessIn some cases the ravine could well be shown as virtually bottomless.In the dream, I was falling and falling in a bottomless abyss.She had produced a cake from her bottomless bottom drawer, and two gallon jugs of tea with Styrofoam cups.And we know the usual fate of such ephemera: consignment to the bottomless circular file below the desk.The vivisystems I examine in this book are nearly bottomless complications, vast in range, and gigantic in nuance.the bottomless depths of the oceanThere was a seemingly bottomless Paris real-estate crisis.To the child the hole seemed like a bottomless pit.You both are doomed to the bottomless pits of hell.Money couldn't buy you love but maybe the Beatles' bottomless pockets could buy the world a new order.a bottomless pitBut somebody ought to tell the filmmakers, who are churning out movies as if demand were a bottomless pit.Her sleep was black and absolute, as if she had been dropped into a bottomless pit.Thus, pump-priming has turned into a bottomless pit for the Treasury, in spite of the reinvestment of large receipts from land sales.It is because pleasure-seeking is a bottomless pit, never satisfied.The U.S. is not a bottomless pit of aid money.
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