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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbouffantbouf‧fant /ˈbuːfɒŋ, -fɒnt $ buːˈfɑːnt/ adjective  DCa bouffant hairstyle is one in which your hair is raised away from your head at the top
Examples from the Corpus
bouffantMany films of my youth were viewed on either side of bouffant and beehive hairdos which filled the centre of the screen.Her orange-red hair was worn bouffant, and her orange lipstick made her look like a small circus clown.I aimed to get long straight hair - but it was really bouffant growing out.A blonde lady, with bouffant hair above a heavily lined, over-powdered face, addressed the chair.With her bouffant hairdo, elaborate plumage, gushing charm and bright smile she is a caricature of a countess.There were fashions to look at too, the new sheath dresses, the bouffant hairdos.
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