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boulevardboule‧vard /ˈbuːlvɑːd $ ˈbuːləvɑːrd, ˈbʊ-/ noun [countable]  1 TTRa wide road in a town or city, often with trees along the sides2 NAME OF A THING (written abbreviation Blvd.) used as part of the name of a particular road Sunset Boulevard
Examples from the Corpus
boulevardAiming back toward the city center, we forded ankle-deep streams that had once been boulevards.With what amazement and pleasure we talked and laughed and wept as we flooded that capacious boulevard.At night no light shows in the elegant houses on Srinagar's boulevards.Fat screaming women ran across the boulevard to get in line for the quiz shows.The cobbled streets and the boulevards spoke to him, told him tales he thought he had forgotten.Otherwise wandering the boulevards, discovering unspoilt backwaters or just watching the people is as much fun as more expensive pastimes.
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