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bouncingbounc‧ing /ˈbaʊnsɪŋ/ adjective  DHBHEALTHYhealthy and full of energy a bouncing baby girl
Examples from the Corpus
bouncingHe tried to brake with this ice-axe but started turning great cartwheels, bouncing all the way down.With Cranston bouncing along the Nightingale Gallery, the whole house seemed to sing with noise.The bouncing baby grandson - George's first - will do much to ease his heartache.Female speaker I like the bouncing castle because you can go high.Below us sparkled the Garbh Uisge, bouncing noisily down from the melting snows over jumbled slabs.They could hear the rain pattering in the grass and bouncing off the roof of the jeep.Ever since Vogue homed in on it last December, the Wonderbra has been literally bouncing off the shelves.But it is up front where the experts ply their trade and both Ian Wright and Les Ferdinand are bouncing with confidence.
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