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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbouncybounc‧y /ˈbaʊnsi/ adjective  1 HIT/BUMP INTOa bouncy ball etc quickly moves away from a surface after it has hit it2 JUMPa bouncy surface is made of a substance that makes people move up and down when they are on it The new bed is nice and bouncy.3 ENERGETICsomeone who is bouncy is always very happy, confident, and full of energy4 DChair or material that is bouncy goes back to its shape when you press itbouncily adverbbounciness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
bouncyHis walk is brisk and bouncy.It's what makes your hair bouncy and pliable.I love these bouncy chairs. They're really comfortable.bouncy country musicThis means they must be mounted on a strong flat base on a good floor - not bouncy floorboards.To ease his anxiety, he forced himself to go a little faster, his lope bouncy from his hobbling knee.A light, bouncy martial arts comedyadventure tailor-made for Chris Farley, the unlikeliest ninja of them all.a bouncy ride over rough roadsMiguel scanned it as Spider hopped away from the car with his bouncy street shuffle.More is needed from Keith Piper, a nimble, bouncy type of wicketkeeper who has already scored a first-class hundred.
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