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boundarybound‧a‧ry /ˈbaʊndəri/ ●●○ noun (plural boundaries)  1 EDGE[countable] the real or imaginary line that marks the edge of a state, country etc, or the edge of an area of land that belongs to someoneboundary between The Mississippi River forms a natural boundary between Iowa and Illinois. National boundaries are becoming increasingly meaningless in the global economy. We would need their agreement to build outside the city boundary. The stream curves round to mark the boundary of his property. Anything that crosses the boundary of a black hole cannot get back. We walked through the churchyard towards the boundary wall. The property’s boundary line is 25 feet from the back of the house. boundary disputes between neighbouring countriessee thesaurus at border2 LIMIT[countable usually plural]LIMIT the limit of what is acceptable or thought to be possibleboundary of the boundaries of human knowledgewithin/beyond the boundaries of something within the boundaries of the lawpush back the boundaries (of something) (=to make a new discovery, work of art etc that is very different from what people have known before, and that changes the way they think) art that pushes back the boundaries3 BETWEEN FEELINGS/QUALITIES ETC[countable]LIMIT the point at which one feeling, idea, quality etc stops and another startsboundary of/between the boundaries between work and play the blurring of the boundaries between high and popular culture4 CRICKET[countable]DSC the outer limit of the playing area in cricket, or a shot that sends the ball across this limit for extra pointsCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + boundary national/state boundaries (=boundaries between countries or states)Big companies usually aim to expand outside national boundaries.international boundaries (=boundaries between countries all over the world)About 10% of hazardous waste is shipped across international boundaries.a city boundaryThe new housing estates stretch beyond the old city boundaries.the northern/southern etc boundary (=of an area or city)the southern boundary of San Franciscoa geographical boundaryToday satellite communications cross all geographical boundaries.a political boundaryReforms could extend the geographical and political boundaries of the EU.a natural boundary (=a river, line of mountains etc that form a boundary)Here, the Andes form a natural boundary between Argentina and Chile.verbsmark/form a boundaryThe river Jordan marks the boundary between Israel and Jordan.cross/transcend a boundaryThese are practical problems that cross political boundaries.boundary + NOUNa boundary wall/fenceThe boundary wall was about twenty foot high.a boundary lineThere was some disagreement about the exact position of the boundary line.a boundary dispute (=a disagreement about where a boundary should be, for example between neighbours)We had to hire a lawyer to sort out the boundary dispute.
Examples from the Corpus
boundaryThe good news is that many lenders will cross city boundaries if asked.More and more people are moving outside the city boundaries.Open-enrollment charter schools draw students from across school district boundaries and are financed with state and local school dollars.the easternmost boundary of Greater ManchesterThese photographs were obtained by illuminating a very thin layer of a smoke-filled boundary layer.The Mississippi River forms a natural boundary between Iowa and Illinois.A fence marks the property's boundaries.Politicians drew strangely shaped boundaries, in order to give themselves an advantage in the next election.The Mississippi River forms the boundary between Tennessee and Arkansas.The boundaries for the Snowdonia National Park run round the edge of Penrhyn, which covers six square miles.The boundaries laid down followed fairly closely those of the perambulation of 1300.boundary disputesIn January 1864 he was appointed commissioner for the settlement of boundary disputes between the states of Baroda and Jamnagar.push back the boundaries (of something)It has, by pushing back the boundaries of human knowledge, given us much that has enriched our lives.The magic word Literacy campaigns push back the boundaries of ignorance and give people more chance of controlling their own destiny.A brilliant word-processor proving shareware can push back the boundaries of software value for money.Female speaker I like them because they push back the boundaries.They've pushed back the boundaries which were limiting the business.boundary of/betweenCataloged below are some traits I believe a networked-based economy would exhibit: Distributed CoresThe boundaries of a company blur to obscurity.So we have crossed a 219 minimum of four boundaries between opposite colors.Another way of getting at the question of disciplinary spaces is to ask about the boundaries of the discipline.Section 5.4 is also interesting because the problem it raises cuts across the boundaries of linguistically defined levels of analysis.Frequently, the support teacher becomes the source of all forms of support as the boundaries between education and counselling are blurred.It may not actually lie in the water, but it still lies within the boundary of the lateral water hazard.the boundary between lust and loveThe boundary between office and home is thinning to transparency in the information era.Kids find themselves sitting on the threatening boundaries of the classroom.
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