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bow your head

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbow your headbow your headto bend your neck so that you are looking at the ground, especially because you want to show respect for God, or because you are embarrassed or upset She bowed her head and prayed. Phil stood, his head bowed in shame. bow
Examples from the Corpus
bow your headJerry stood there with his head bowed in shame.When she finished he gave a short laugh and bowed his head.He watched open-mouthed as Alice bowed her head and her eyes, her gloriously blue eyes, opened fully.I bowed my head and prayed.She again bows her head and sniffs for more apples.The other Women bowed their heads, and the silence lengthened, broken only by the murmuring of the huge trees.The man bowed his head as if in prayer.With that, doctor and patient joined hands and bowed their heads as Keys prayed.Lilly winced, and Mandon gravely bowed his head in acknowledgment.I bow my head in shame when I think of the countries we've looted and the people we've subjugated.
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