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bowelbow‧el /ˈbaʊəl/ ●○○ noun  1 bowels2 [singular]HBH one part of this system of tubes cancer of the bowel3 a bowel movement4 the bowels of something
Examples from the Corpus
bowelDisease activity must therefore be derived from the degree of abnormal bowel uptake on abdominal scans.Furthermore, respiratory and bowel motion cause movement artefacts that frequently degrade the image.Rises in whole body turnover rates have also been seen in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.Platelet activating factor causes gastrointestinal mucosal injury and ischemic bowel necrosis.Five or six bowel movements a day were not uncommon.Persistent infection with adenovirus 12 has not been detected in the small bowel of patients with coeliac disease.He feels his way through the bowels of the city, conscious of the weight of civilisation above him.Patients often misinterpret their bowel action as well.
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