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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbowerbow‧er /ˈbaʊə $ -ər/ noun [countable] literary  ALPLACEa pleasant place in the shade under a tree a rose-scented bower
Examples from the Corpus
bowerA bower builder can leave his behind. 72 More direct evidence of this pattern comes from fish.What this suggests is that nightingales and bowerbirds have transferred their color to their songs and bowers.Gould organised the shipment of several complete bowers back to London, where they were put on display at the Zoological Society.As in other bowerbirds, the male builds an elaborate bower of twigs and ferns and therein tries to seduce females.Beneath the leafy bowers the golden subjects of the Everqueen dance and sing.A table for two had been set in a sort of bower beneath a canopy of spreading palms.Once acquired they must be guarded against other jealous male bowerbirds anxious to steal them for their own bowers.Whenever she was free from the brewing she hurried up to the bower to spin with the other women.
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